Multiple taxation worries private school owners in Enugu

The chairman of private school owners in Enugu says representatives of government often demand certain amount from the school owners.

The Enugu chapter of Association of Private School Owners of Nigeria (APSON), has expressed worries over multiple taxation and levies by the State Government and its agencies.

Mr Emeka Grahams, the state chairman of the association said this when he spoke with the Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Enugu.

Grahams described the situation as worrisome.

According to him, from time to time, officials and representatives of government agencies will come to demand certain amount from the school owners.

Graham, who is also the Proprietor Professor’s Ivy League School, Enugu said Nigerians have erroneous belief that private schools owners make millions, without looking at the expenses they incurred in running the schools.

“When it comes to collection of levies, they ask other business owners to pay N2000 but for private schools, they will ask us to pay N2 million.

“Everyone in the country believes that private schools owners are in money which is contrary to the reality on ground.

“Even touts can get up anytime to request money from us and if any member is not courageous, they will scam him or her. It is a very big challenge and worrisome to us,” he said.

He charged members of the association to be on alert and enquire from individuals asking them for money their identity.

“Many school owners have suffered from the hands of these people, ” he said.

The chairman also emphasised the need for the state government to support private schools to enable them attain the approved standard in the state.

Grahams stated that many schools were struggling to come up while other were hiding from the ministry officials in charge of enforcement.

“The government can give them loan to upgrade to the required standard rather than trying to close them.

“Many of them do not pay tax because they are not recognised but they enjoy the services of the government, but if they get approval there will be more revenue for government,” he said.

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