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100% Local DIY Remedy For Chickenpox
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In Nigeria and most west African countries, at a particular point in time especially during the winter or heat periods, there’s always noticeable cases of the disease called “Chickenpox”


What Is Chickenpox?



It is an infeIctious disease causing a mild fever and a rash of itchy inflamed pimples which turn to blisters and then loose scabs. It is caused by the herpes zoster virus and mainly affects children.


How it spreads or is being contacted:

Chickenpox is an airborne disease which spreads easily from one person to the next through the coughs and sneezes of an infected person. It may be spread from one to two days before the rash appears until all lesions have crusted over. It may also spread through contact with the blisters.

Those with shingles may spread chickenpox to those who are not immune through contact with the blisters.


How to diagnose chickenpox:

The disease can usually be diagnosed based on the presenting symptom; however, in unusual cases it may be confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing of the blister fluid or scabs.

Testing for antibodies may be done to determine if a person is immune. People usually only get chickenpox once. Although reinfections by the virus occur, these reinfections usually do not cause any symptoms.


How to cure it medically:

Since its introduction in 1995, the varicella vaccine has resulted in a decrease in the number of cases and complications from the disease.It protects about 70 to 90 percent of people from disease with a greater benefit for severe disease. Routine immunization of children is recommended in many countries.

Immunization within three days of exposure may improve outcomes in children.

Treatment of those infected may include calamine lotion to help with itching, keeping the fingernails short to decrease injury from scratching, and the use of paracetamol (acetaminophen) to help with fevers.

For those at increased risk of complications, antiviral medication such as aciclovir are recommended.

Which country can you find chickenpox?

Chickenpox occurs in all parts of the world. In 2013 there were 140 million cases of chickenpox and herpes zoster worldwide. Before routine immunization the number of cases occurring each year was similar to the number of people born. Since immunization the number of infections in the United States has decreased nearly 90%. In 2015 chickenpox resulted in 6,400 deaths globally – down from 8,900 in 1990. Death occurs in about 1 per 60,000 cases.

Chickenpox was not separated from smallpox until the late 19th century. In 1888 its connection to shingles was determined. The first documented use of the term chicken pox was in 1658. Various explanations have been suggested for the use of “chicken” in the name, one being the relative mildness of the disease


What is Bitterleaf?

vernonia – any of various plants of the genus Vernonia of tropical and warm regions of especially North America that take their name from their loose heads of purple to rose flowers that quickly take on a rusty hue ironweed genus

Vernon – is genus of New World tropical herbs or shrubs with terminal cymose heads of tubular flowers

herb, herbaceous plant – a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests

However, in most tropical African countries especially West African countries, this leaf is called “bitter” because of its bitterness taste in nature.


What other African countries call Bitterleaf:

grawa (Amharic), ewuroj (Yoruba), etidot (Efik), onugbu (Igbo), ityuna (Tiv), oriwo (Edo), Awɔnwono (Akan), chusar-doki (Hausa), mululuza (Luganda), labwori (Acholi), olusia j(Luo), ndoleh (Cameroon) and olubirizi (Lusoga).


How to cure chickenpox using Bitterleaf:

1. Collect some quantities of Bitterleaf, first wash it to make it clean. You can add salt to disinfect the leaves.

2. Squeeze the leaves in a clean bowel plate or any enclosed container

3. Add about 30cl of water to the leaves to bring out the juice

4. Filter the fluit to separate the pieces of the squeezed leaves.

5. Pour in a container

How to use the Bitterleaf juice to cure chicke

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