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Matt LeBlanc Is Not Your Friend Any more – According to His New CBS Show
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Matt LeBlanc is apparently breaking up with us – friend.
The actor has reportedly just signed on to star in a new CBS show, and we just cannot help but take the title both literally and personally.

According to THR, the sitcom is called I’m Not Your Friend, and it’s about a guy (LeBlanc) whose wife goes back to work, meaning he gets to learn about how hard it is to raise the kids.

That sounds fine. It will be fun to watch Joey Tribbiani raise children, but we just can’t get over that title. What are you saying, Matt LeBlanc? Are you tired of the Friends references? Because we will never get tired of them. Never! We’ll be making moo points for the rest of our lives, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Whatever he’s trying to tell us, he’s serious about it.

LeBlanc’s deal for this new show works so that if it doesn’t go to series, he’ll be paid a whole lot of money anyway thanks to the big series commitment penalty that’s attached to the project.
The multi-camera comedy comes from That 70’s Show executive producers Jeff and Jackie Filgo, who will both produce and write the script.

This is the first time LeBlanc will be back on a broadcast network since Friends ended in 2004 (and, you know, the Joey spin-off happened). He’s been starring as himself on Showtime’s Episodes, which “has one more season to film,” according to a tweet from LeBlanc. He will also be taking on the gig as Top Gear’s first ever non-British co-host when the show returns later this year, which could mean lots of back-and-forth for Joey.

We’re just going to guess that I’m Not Your Friend will undergo a title change or two before it ever makes it to air.
LeBlanc can next be seen reuniting with his Friends co-stars on NBC’s Must-See TV: An All Star Tribute to James Burrows, airing Feb. 21 at 9 p.m.

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